Wolfara Forest is the deepest, darkest forest of Ambodia. It

A part of Wolfara Forest

is the home to many different creatures and beings, some that could be life-threatening.

It is located closely to Peenda City, just beyond the Silver Plains.




  • Red Mountain
    • The Dead Fields
    • Eradar Lake
    • Venom Web's Lair 






Hunter Goblins



Behind the ScenesEdit

It was named after The Ambush Games Host Spider-Wolffe_78. Like many places in Ambodia are named after Hosts. 


  • Forest Ambush - Pic 1
  • Forest Ambush - Pic 2
  • Forest Ambush - Pic 3
  • Forest Ambush - Pic 4
  • Forest Ambush - Pic 5

Design TriviaEdit

  • The scene depicted in the Design is an unconfirmed scene involving the Treetop Murderer. 
  • The Design is made by Ivar
  • The knight could represent an older Ivar Firewing
  • The Treetop Murderer hides in treetops, there is a spot in the design where he can stand and fire his catapult
  • The design contains 201 pieces
  • Playable features are: The earlier mentioned treetop and catapult. The left side of th tree can open to reveal a diamond. The front of the rock with golden nugget on it can be flung loose with the handle sticking out. The drinking place contains a Skull wich can be fired when the lever behind it is pushed, you can easily piick off the sewer part and put the skull back in. 
  • The instruction manual contains 136 pages of building. 

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