Wizards are a class that can be played as in Ambodia. They practice magic and respect their power greatly.


Healer- Healers start with light wands and staffs as weapons. They also have 30 health and 10 power.

Healer Wizards practice lighter forms of magic than other Wizards. Not only can they use a variety of different magical tools, but they can also heal others in battle. 

Spell Caster- Spell Caster's start with dark staffs and a basic stun spell as weapons. They also have 25 health and 12 power.

Spell Casters practice dark forms of magic, sometimes bordering them falling to darkness. But it comes in handy, as they know many different spells that prove to be quite powerful.


A Healer Wizard


A Spell Caster Wizard


Wizards can hold more health than other classes. Also, they can cast spells that can solve some problems that others can't solve. The problem with them is that they don't have the power to do so all the time, so they don't attack as fast as other classes do.