All the following events are events that happened in Ambodian history and are devided in several ages. 

- The First Age

- The Second Age 

        - 4500 [The Current Age] 

First AgeEdit

1- Ambodia is created by the 18 powerful beings.

27- The first ever Human colony is formed. 

100- Marko the Dark One is discovered by the 9 Beings of Light

101- Five of the Dark Beings are banished to Ambodia and made mortal to balance the balance between Light and Dark Beings out.

102- The Dark Being War begins.

103- The first ever Meeting of Kings (Council of the Honorable) is held to discuss the Dark Beings. 

109- The second Meeting of Kings (Council of the Honorable) is held to discuss the ending of The Dark Being War. This is the first time ever one event needed two Meetings. 

110- The Dark Being War ends, the five Dark Beings sent to Ambodia are thought to be destroyed. 3 of the beings have been killed. The two survivers are Bogare the Dark One and Hargo The Dark One. The world does not know of their surival, nor do they of eachother. 

September, 110- The Great Dragon hunt begins. 

111- Victor Emdlán reaches Ferisius and starts a life in his Cottage on the now dubbed Emdlán Plains.

113- Hargo finds and stays in Backlonia Forest.

125- The Great Dragon hunt ends. 

140- Hargo leaves Backlonia Forest and sets out into the world of Ambodia.

145- Hargo reaches the Western province of Ferisius and crosses the Emdlán Plains and reaches the Forest of Gánderhos. He finds a large barren hill and uses his Dark Magic to build the fortress of Mar-Guldar. He decides to stay here for the remainder of his life.  

172- Hargo The Dark One dies in his home fortress of Mar-Guldar. Spilling shards of his soul into the air above the large hill, making its clouds darkgreen and sick. 

536- Paroah Raxxa is born.

581- Raxxa becomes Paraoh of the Ambodian Desert. 

594- Lorx'Martar is born. 

624- Lorx'Martar overthrows and kills Paroah Raxxa using Dark Magic and takes over the throne of the desert and dubs the desert of Raxxa; "The Empire of Lorx'Martar"

683- Lorx'Martar is attacked and killed during a rebellious raid. His stone of Dark Magic is locked away forever. 

November 19th, 683- The Empire of Lorx'Martar is hit by "The Great Sandstorm" and is destroyed with all its inhabitits. 

1006- Gothbog Island is colonized by Goblins after they had won a short war against human barbarians.

1867- Construction of Iverar City, the human capitol of Ambodia stared at the Eastern Cliffs of The Blue Coast.

1916- Iverar City is finished

April 19th, 1916 King Helmran becomes the first King of Humans and the first king to ever sit on the throne of Iverar City and men.

1994- King Helmran is slain by an Goblin Archer. Viroff starts to befriend Both.

1999- Viroff leaves Iverar City and travels to the Tatola Mountains. 

June 5th, 1999- Viroff falls into a dark cavern.

June 12th, 1999- Viroff finds and accidentely drinks from "The Immortal Goblet"

August 11th, 1999- Viroff is found by Mountain Goblins and later convinced them to become his army and attack Iverar City to end the race of men. 

August 12th, 1999- Viroff, with his new formed Goblin Army starts marching toward Iverar City.

August 16th, 1999- Viroff and his army reach The Golden Plains.

August 17th, 1999- Viroff and his army reach the walls of Iverar City and start their attack. The Goblins lose and Viroff is crushed by a burning boulder from a catapult. Believed to have died. Secretly he made his getaway of the Plains onwards to Backlonia Forest.

August 23rd, 1999- Viroff reaches Backlonia Forest.

August 27th, 1999- Viroff meets Bogare the Dark One and he grants him a new armor and a mace forged from dark magic. Bogare then vanished once more. 

2029- Lord Viroff arrives in Harlock City and steals a ship to sail to Gothbog Island. 

Febuary 7th, 2029- After 5 days of sailing Viroff reaches Gothbog Island and meets with the Goblins that live here. When they refuse he decides to slaughter them. 

June 9th, 2029- The Goblin King agrees to serve Lord Viroff after enduring 4 months of slaughter. 

June 14th, 2029- The Viroff War begins as Viroff and his new army of Goblins raid and burn Harlock City to the ground and start marching towards Iverar City. Along the way there they murder thousands of innocent people and burn hundreds of villages. 

July 4th, 2029- Viroff and his Gothbog army reach Iverar City and start to attack it. The attack lasted for days and they managed to breach the gates and walls. 

July 10th, 2029- Viroff battles Both and orders his army to retreat for the moment after the fight. 

2034- For fives years Viroff and his army have been slaughtering many innocent people and villages on Ambodia. Blismore made a truce with the Dwarves to fight this evil. 

2035- Lord Viroff arrives at Dwum-tot City and personaly slaughters hundreds of Dwarves. After the attack the Dwarves withdrew from the Viroff War. 

2038- The third Meeting of Kings was held where Both plead to the kings to allow him to seek out The Powerful 12 and take care of Viroff themselves. The motion was granted.  

2039- Both gathers the 11 Powerful Wizards of Ambodia to make The Powerful 12. For months they discussed to find a way to stop Viroff. In the end they created a Portal in wich they tend to capture Viroff. 

2040- Viroff attacks the location of The Powerful Twelve and killed 9 of the Wizards. After a final battle with Both Viroff was defeated. The three remaining Wizards then became "The Powerful Three" and the Goblins fled back to Gothbog Island. 

2320- Mûro-Dor is born. 

2332- Mûro-dor enlists into St. Sybbyl Rowan of Derwentwater Academy of Wizardry and Healing Arts.

2339- Mûr-dor leads a violent rampage through the academy and kills several students. He gets expelled and banished forever. He sets out into the wild and continues to experiment with Dark Magic. 

2357- Mûro-dor finds Red Mountain and uses his Dark Magic to builds himself a fortress on the top of mountain, therefore mirrowing Hargo The Dark One and the creation of Mar-Guldar. Mûro-dor stayed here for the remainder of his days, experimenting with his Dark Magic and written it down in several book. During his stay he has poisoned and sickened the mountain and the fields around it, now officially dubbed "The Dead Fields" He accidently made the Giant Spiders Venom Web and his larger female mate, thus starting a never ending coming of giant Spider off-springs into the world of Ambodia. Giant Spiders are immortal unless killed. 

2404- Mûro-dor uses the most powerful Dark Spell and accidently kills himself and destroys his fortress on the top of Red Mountain, at the same time forever infusing the mountain and its surroundings with sickness.

3949- The fourth Meeting of Kings is held to discuss the building of City where all races can live alongside eachother. After many discussing the motion was passed. 

3950- Construction of Peenda City, the first ever City where all races live together, is started. 

Second Age [Current Age] Edit

4000- Peenda City is officially formed. The plains infront of the city are now officialy dubbed "The Silver Plains" and inhabitated by works men and upcoming Peendian farmers. 

4150- The first discovery of Venom Web's Lair. Three travellers encounter the dark tunnels of the Giant Spider and his children. Two of the travellers are eaten and killed and one escapes. Now known as "The Spider Knight"

4246- King Durran Firewing moves to Raver Lake and starts building Lakeside.

4250- The construction of Lakeside was completed. Durran Firewing dubbed the village "Lakeside" and was the first official villager. Reducing his status from King to Mayor. Giving the crown to [???]

4285- King Durran Firewing dies of age and is buried in a large stone tomb in the Lakeside graveyard. His crown for when he was King was buried with him and his sword now rests on an altar inside the tomb itself.  

4395- Hango is born. 

4420- Hango's father passes away due to illness and Hango becomes King Hango and the youngest ruler of Peenda City ever.  

4425- Gongo is born and is automatically the next in line for the Peendian Throne.

4453- Sven Firewing is born in the village of Lakeside.

4459- Prince Harold is born and is next in line to rule the Human Capitol City of Iverar as King. 

4465- Gongo, on the age of 45, is crownend King of Peenda City after Hango's burial. 

4469- Gongo's mother, the Queen of Peenda City passes on.

4481- Ivar Firewing is born. 

4494- Ivar is brought home by the knight and Sven Firewing decides to give Ivar sword-training.

4496- At the age of 37 Harold gets crownend at the Throne of Iverar and now becomes King Harold.  

4499- King Gongo and King Harold have their fall out. 

4500 [Current] Edit

4500: The current Ambodia as depicted on the wikia. Also the year of "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale"

Januari 07, 4500 to April 12, 4500The Peace of Lakeside

April 13, 4500- The Fires In The Morning event occurs as a large pack of Goblin Riders burn the entire village of Lakeside down leaving Ivar Firewing as the only survivor. Sven Firewing is killed by the leader of Goblin pack.

April 14, 4500- Ivar Firewing leaves Lakeside at dawn (unknowningly) and is chased by several Golbin Riders before being saved by a group of Peendian Gaurds who had come to investigate the smoke coming from the fires of the village. Ivar starts his journey to Peenda City with the Peendian Gaurds. 

April 21, 4500- Ivar and the Peendian Gaurds arrive at Peenda City and have An Audience With King Gongo. Gongo takes Ivar in and orders the Peendian Gaurds to return to Lakeside.

April 23, 4500- Gongo tells Ivar about his 75th birthday and the Qeust of the Bloka Leaves. 

April 24, 4500- The Quest for the Bloka Leaves and King Gongo's 75th birthday party. Ivar meets Pindius ZwervusSperry Van NessCain III Inarachni and Kerk Acksedge. Ivar tells Gongo that he's going to leave Peenda City in search for adventure and Gongo agrees. 

April 25, 4500- Ivar meets the company of friends again at The Three Potatoes Tavern before speeding off into the wilderness of Dulvian Forest again. Here he faces a Giant Spider and is later captured by flesh eating Golbins that imprison him. In the night Ivar escaped the Goblin Camp along with other prisoners Sarry and Gyll and managed to return to the edge of the forest and The Silver Plains. 

April 26, 4500- Ivar begins his journey back to Peenda City to bring Sarry and Gyll into safety and crosses the farm of Farmer Tagyer. Here he comes across the company once again and together with them they enter the Barnhouse of Doom where they battle the evil spirit that haunted it. They save the farm and Ivar decides to join the company of friends. Sarry and Gyll are hired by Farmer Tagyer as new helpers on the farm. Eventuall the company decides to go to travel the Silver Plains and reach "The Silver Inn" where they stop by for a drink and meet a new Qeust giver who tells them the story of Mûro-dor and Red Mountain. The company accepts the Qeust and decided to leave for Wolfara Forest the next morning. 

April 27, 4500- The company of friends start their journey to Red Mountain. 

May 3, 4500- The company of friends reaches Red Mountain and start their climb. 

May 4, 4500- The company of friends enter Venom Web's Lair and battle the giant spiders that inhabit it. Eventually reaching ruins of Mûro-dor and finding the Book of Dark Spells.