The Silver Plains are a wide and vast erea of plains located infront of the walls of Peenda City. The plains are mostly used as farmlands. It is here where The Barnhouse of Doom [Chapter: Barnhouse of Doom] is located.

The plains border on two forests. The most commenly known one is the large Wolfara Forest located several kilometers from the walls of Peenda City. The other forest is the forest of Dulvian, a small forest where the Quest of The Bloka Leaves took place.

Light beige sand paths lead travellers along and through the farmlands and meadows to reach either the afore mentioned forests or the doors of Peenda City.

The plains belong to the city and its king as the farmers that live on these plains are of Peendian nature. 


The Silver Plains feature in several chapter of Ivar's first book "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" most prominantly in Chapter 4 The Peendian Gaurds as Ivar Firewing is brought to Peenda City after the destruction of his home town. 

It also makes smaller (mostly unmentioned) appearances in A Cake Worthy of A KingThe Feast And The InnAlone In The Wilderness and Barnhouse of Doom