The Peendian Gaurds is the fourth chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing

4 - The Peendian Gaurds - He didn't know how long he stayed there. He didn't know how loud he sobbed. He didn't know if the Goblins were still out there or not. But eventually he pulled himself together and decided it was time to leave this burning village that he once called 'home'

Ivar took a quick look outside. All he saw were the legs of his dead father. It pained him but he tried to ignore it for the moment now. 

The Goblin Riders had left the scene and Ivar couldn't spot any other around. He decided this was the moment to go. He sneaked back outside and hid behind several destroyed houses just incase a Rider would be close nearby. Ivar was in luck as he didn't cross any Goblin so far. 

He passed the southern bakkery, the candystore, the burning community center and eventually Daggot's destroyed farm. Most flames were still as tall as they ever were, but stopped growing larger. Ivar thought to himself that the worst was defenitely over by now.

It was confirmed when he reached the destroyed exit of the village. The exit through wich the Rider entered the village this morning. Ivar took a quick glances around and saw a Goblin Rider patrolling around the courtyard he came from. Ivar wasn't sure if he started running now the creature would see him. So he waited until the beast left. Waiting wasn't fun though. Ivar was hiding behind a half-burning house and the heat was unbearable. So were the ashes that came into his breathing area and entered his longs.

Eventually after a few minutes, the Goblin left the scenery for his beast had eaten enough corpses by now. Ivar took the oppertunity and left quickly. He passed under the small gateway and was out of the village. He took a quick turn around and to take in a last sight of his once home. 

He then started running towards the forest that was infront of him. As soon as he entered he heard several howls of the monterous beast the Goblin ride. After taking in the sound in Ivar realized he should run even harder. 

As Ivar passed several tiny hills and jumped over sever branches, a Golbin Rider riding his beast jumped out of one of the bushes above the passage Ivar just passed. The Rider saw Ivar and screamed a battle cry followed by another howl from his beast. He alerted the rest. 

Ivar just kept on running and running as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was going, only that he had to get away as soon as possible. He heard the Rider behind him, breaking branches his mighty beast stepped on and screaming to influence fear within the young adult. Ivar took a sudden right turn and jumped off the higher passage he was running on. He hoped to fool the Rider but it had no use and he noticed Ivar's pattern. While running Ivar slid through fallen logs, jumped over large branches and catapulted himself through thick bushes. It only infuriated the Rider more and more as his sreams of annoyence kept getting louder. 

Eventually Ivar deared to take quick peek to see how it was going behind him. This wasn't a smart move though because when Ivar looked back forward he hit head against a large treebranch sticking out low before him. A long wound on his face started bleeding and Ivar fell to the ground. As he was getting up he heard the Goblin closing in on him. Ivar started running again but not before almost getting tackled by another Goblin Rider that suddenly jumped through the bush on his left. 

In no time more Riders joined the hunting party for the young adult and Ivar didn't know where to run anymore and just went forward and forward hoping to reach a spot where he could hide. 

Before he noticed his feet got trapped behind a rock and he fell. He didn't just fell but unfortunately rolled down a larger hill covered in annoying plants that have needles. Ivar rolled on his back and started breathing heavily as he watched the sky and treetops towering above him. It took him to long to realise what had happend and when he stood up he heard the foul beasts snorts behind him. He turned around and saw atleast five or seven Goblin Riders watching him from the top of the hill. 

"Stupid little brat!" a Rider spat at him in his language. The Rider raised his hand and held up a large knife; "Now you will suffer like the rest of your village! ATTACK!" the Rider saluted to the others. 

Ivar thought this was the end but before he knew it the Goblin Riders were bombared with arrows that came out of nowhere. They didn't die but they were chased away immediately. They screamed something in their own language but Ivar couldn't understand that anyway. 

Ivar smiled and then turned around but was faced with the pointy end of sword. The sword was held by a man in silver armor riding a large brown horse. "Who are you? Why were they hunting you?" the knight asked. 

Before Ivar could answer the knight was joined by a group of other knight wearing the same armor and also riding large horses. Ivar looked around and bit and then decided it would be best to just answer. "My name is Ivar Firewing, son of Sven Firewing. I come from the village Lakeside not far from here. These creatures attacked us this morning and burned everything down. I tried to escape but they started hunting me down" 

"Lakeside got attacked?" The gaurd lowered his sword and watched in shock at Ivar before asking another question; "How many have died?" 

"I don't know for sure. But i believe i am the only suvivor. There could be more but i really don't know" Ivar started to panic at bit now that he had to talk about it again. 

The knight jumped off his horse and walked over to Ivar. He put his hand on Ivar shoulder.

"We are Gaurds from Peenda city. We were travelling these woods on our way back there when we noticed the large dark clouds coming from the south this morning. We now understand it was the attack on your village" The gaurd told Ivar. "I'm sorry we couldn't get there on time" he added.

Ivar didn't know what to say and just looked at the gaurd with open eyes, still taking in everything that has happend so far. 

"Sir, we need to report this to King Gongo as soon as possible!" one of the knight told the one that was talking to Ivar. 

"You are right!" the knight exclaimed and took his hand off Ivar's shoulder and jumped back on his horse; "We ride for Peenda City!" he told his men who acknowledged him and then sped off one by one. 

The gaurd infront of Ivar turned his horse around and extended his hand towards Ivar; "You will come with us" he told the young adult and smiled. 

Ivar felt a great deal of trust coming from the gaurd and took his hand. The gaurd lifted Ivar upon his horse behind him and then hit the brakes. The Horse sped off with the other gaurds through the forest. 

Ivar then noticed he started falling asleep slowly and thought to himself; "Peenda City, wow, i can't believe i'm going there now" before closing his eyes.