The Mines of Barúdar

The Mines of Barúdar

The Barúdar Mines is a great Dwarven Kingdom hidden inside and under the Tatola Mountains. It is ruled by the younger brother of King SparktoothLord Baradar. The mines are a powerful settlement and almost impossible to breach. 3 main gates to the Mines are located somewhere in the Tatola Mountains. There is also a secret entrance but it is only known to the dwarves who dwell here. 

Sparktooth Edit

When the Dwarven King Synitor  was murdered by The large Goblin Assassin, King Sparktooth took over the throne for the Dwarven Empire. His to younger brothers, Lord Baradar and Lord Resil were each assignment a settle of they're own to rule. Baradar was elected to rule over the Mines of Barúdar wich were in bad shape due to the King's passing. Baradar agreed and left for his journey. 


On 3 month trip to the Tatola Mountains, Baradar faced many dangers and eventually uncovered a Golbin plot to take the Mines. They were stopped and Baradar had thus gained the trust of the civillians of Barúdar. 

Since that day Baradar has been the ruler of the mines for 9 years now and everything is going as well as should. The defenses have improved and so has the trade in gold gotten better. All thanks Baradar. 

Lord Baradar

Lord Baradar.

The MinesEdit

The Mines are devivided in 4 seperate sections. "The Gold Workers" section where the workers look for gold everyday, "The City of Barúdar" a city where all the workers and their families live, "The Palace of Baradar" the palace where Baradar resides. The last section is known as the "Defensive Section" where soldiers get trained to defend the settlement, also included in the section are the walls and gates.

Gold ProductionEdit

The reason the Mines of Barúdar are so important to the Dwarves is it's high chance of finding gold. 9/10 of the Male Dwarves who live in the Mines are Gold Workers. Everyday they look for gold in the depths of the Mine while they're wives are at home. A typical Medieval live. The Workers aren't being exhausted beyond believe. Baradar is a good and kind Lord for his people and only wishes them the best. Every Worker gets a fair treatment, just like the wives. 

Gates Edit

There are 3 Gates carved into the walls of the Tatola Mountains that lead to the Mines of Barúdar. Each of them is protected in a different way. 

There is also a secret entrance but it is only known to the dwarves who dwell in the mines. They would never tell nor show it to anyone. Those who do are considered traitors. 

Trivia Edit

  • Baradar was made up Ivar
  • The Mines of Barúdar are created by Ivar
  • There are supposed to look like a bit of a mish-mash of Erebor and Moria. 

Gallery Edit

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