The Blue Coast is a large vertical shore laying against several lands in the East of Ambodia and borders on The Great Sea. At the end of the shore is the mighty capitol Iverar City located. 

The Blue Coast appearance is that of a beige sanded beach with rocks and boulders in all sizes scattered about. The same goes for the light brown grass and bushes. There are no trees, houses or any kind of cottage's build upon the coast. It is very barren yet safe for no large creatures dwell here. 

Story Edit

The Blue Coast is featured in Ivar's second book "An Ambodian Adventure: World of Wonders" as the group of Ivar FirewingSperry Van NessPindius ZwervusCain III InarachniKerk Acksedge and Tantin Spud roamed the long shore and eventually reaching Iverar City. 

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