Several legends and tales of times past among the people of Ambodia have no supporting evidence to go along with them, which has puzzled historians, scientists and archaeologists for centuries on end. No documentations of identification to indicate the characters in each story really existed, no skeletons, bone fragmentations, or even calcified bits of pottery, no housings, not even the slightest trace of any personal effects. (Aside, of course, from spellbooks and feather pens.)

Members of the "Ambodian Association of Scientific Laborers" have discovered that there are no artifacts, or traces of any life from a certain period of time in Ambodia's history (aside from spellbooks, but we'll continue that in a moment). There is a gap about three hundred years long, which is simply known as "The Gap", for a lack of a fancier term. Several theories were developed, but this one prevails.

The Glitch theory supports the idea that these stories are, in fact, truth. It states that, some way or another, at some point along the years, something, or someone, somewhere used some form of medium (the most common assumptions were black or white magic, and certain healing techniques) to create an interruption, or a "glitch" in time, resulting in the lack of evidence from that period.

The spellbooks that were found in that time period are the only indications of any civilized beings at all, and the contents of them are the basis for much of the standard theory.