Sven Firewing

Sven Firewing.

Sven Firewing was a simple Farm Help and the father of Ivar Firewing in the small town "Lakeside" located at Raver Lake. He thaught Ivar the ways in how to handle a sword and was a great addition to the townsfolk. He was loved and known all around. Together with his family he lived in they're house "Firewing Residence" He worked for Farmer Daggot. 

Birth: 21 Januari, 4453

Date of Death: 13 April, 4500


Sven, like all Firewing's was born in Lakeside village and lived there for the rest of his life. His mother past away on the very young age of 39 and his father got really sick several years later. Sven is a real worker, he doesn't like being lazy at all and is always doing something to keep him going, like playing with the other kids in the town. For the rest he lived a very standard and good youth until. 


After finding the love of his life and getting married to her, Sven soon enough became the father of his son; Ivar Firewing. He made good money on his job at Daggot Farms and was thus able to support his family and build a custom house that he dubbed "Firewing Residence" 8 years later, Sven's father perished. When Ivar got to the age of 13, Sven thaught him how to handle different weapons. Ivar caught on pretty quick and enjoyed practicing. 

Life was good, but years later everything burned. 

Death Edit

7 years later, on the morning of 13 April, 4500, a gang of Goblin Riders attacked the village with full force and suprise. They came to murder and plunder and claim the lands for themselves. Sven rounded up the town's men and went in an all out assault on the beasts riding beasts. They managed to slaughter many, but suffered greater casaulties themselves. Sven duelled with the pack leader, Dúrmu, and after a fierce confrontation slained the Goblin on the top of the burning Daggot Mill. Around this time he heard the screams of wifes and children and discovered the men ordering the evacuation had been killed and the Rider Goblins had gotten to the wifes and children. Death and ahses were everywhere. Sven came across Ivar who he help to hide before being cornered by Goblin Riders himself. He held the attention on him and when the Golbins charged he managed to slay atleast 6-7 of them before getting stabbed by the large blade of Gúrdár from the leader Goblin.

Sven was 47 years old.