Spiders are creatures that live in Ambodia. They usually reside in

A larger sized Spider

 Wolfara Forest. Their sizes can range from 1 inch to larger than a person. They are mostly hostile and feared in the world of Ambodia. 

Giant SpidesEdit

Gaint Spiders were created by accident during an experiment with Dark Magic on the top of Red Mountain in Wolfara Forest by the Dark sorcerer Mûro-dor. 

He accidently created Venom-web and his larger female mate and thus started a never ending line of Giant Spider off-springs that would soon roam the lands of Ambodia. 

This all happened in 2357 during the First Age (Timeline)

Qeust AppearancesEdit

Quest  Number Host  Use
The Book of Dark Spells 3 or 4 Ivar Enemy

Other AppearancesEdit

Spiders and Giant Spiders also appear in the Ivar's book "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" and play a large part in the last parts of the book.