Normally outfitted.

NAME: Sperry Van Ness

RACE: Wizard

CLASS: Healer




GOLD: 70

WEAPONS: Light wand/Staff, Basic Sword

ITEMS: 3 Party Streamers (takes away 1 health from an enemy), 1 Piece of Birthday Cake (heals 3 health/power during any point in a Quest), and 1 Honorary Medal

ANIMALS: A grey owl, whose name is Lord Tybalt.

DESCRIPTION: Sperry "Spare Parts" Van Ness used to be a simple peasant before she was recruited into a local wizardry academy by a very experienced professor in the arts, who was her Uncle Nilrem Van Ness. She was only recently admitted into this academy, and in so being, she is quite the amateur wizard. She expressed early on an interest in medicine, which led her to become an amateur healer.

As an older girl, new to these arts, she tends to rely on others' examples for guidance.

She studies a lot, and wears the customary wizard's cape, but she still behaves like a peasant, which includes being rowdy every once in a while, making jokes and sarcasms, cooking, and smacking her family and friends with her skillet.

She got her nickname "Spare Parts," from being known to inherit an abundance of handmedowns, which includes clothes, kitchen utensils, spell books, music books, and countless other things, so her possessions are made up mostly of handmedowns.



  • Her full name, "Sperry Van Ness" is a real name that Natalie saw on a sign advertizing real estate.