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Cain III Inarachni (Level 1 Dwarf Skirmisher)- Played by SpiderEdit


Health: 26

Power: 6

Pindius Zwervus (Level 1 Wizard Spell Caster)- Played by PindaEdit

Health: 23

Power: 8

Sperry Van Ness (Level 1 Wizard Healer)- Played by NatalieEdit

Health: 28

Power: 6

Ivar Firewing (Level 1 Human Soldier)- Played by IvarEdit

Health: 28

Power: 8


Farmer Tayger had been having a hard time. Lots of stuff had been happening to him... strange stuff. Just a week ago, one of his own barn animales attacked him. Last Thursday, he said he heard weird noises in his barn house's floor boards. And yesterday he said he felt a strange presence in his barn... like he wasn't alone. He even mentioned other vermin that tried to attack him one day, and he just barely made it out of his barn house alive. Since then, the barn house has been locked up and left alone. But Farmer Tayger wants it back, and he wants to know what's going on.

In order for him to find out what exactly was happening, he hired a group of adventurers that he saw fit for the job. 

"This way, this way now," said Farmer Tayger, who was guiding the adventurers to the front door of his barn house. "Now, just let me warn you now that this barn house isn't small. It's one of the largest ones in Peenda City. Lots of stuff has been happening to me lately inside that barn house, and I want you all to get to the bottom of it. There'll be a nice reward too." He looked at the group, who looked anxious to enter the barn house and find out what was wrong. "Are you all here and ready to go?" he asked.

Cain III Inarachni walked forward. "Yes we are," said the leader of the group.

"Very well then," said Farmer Tayger. He then walked over to the farm door and quickly unlocked it. His hands slightly trembled as he did so. After the door was unlocked, he stepped to the side. "I wish you all the best of luck," he said. "And may you find out what's going on and get to the bottom of all this."

The group made their way into the barn slowly as Farmer Tayger watched from the doorway. He was hoping that they'd be able to solve this mystery once and for all. But he was also hoping they'd all make it out alive...

The QuestEdit

The group slowly made their way down a large, creepy hall of the barnouse. Farmer Tayger had closed the doors behind him so the place had been incredibly dark. The group continued to slowly creep their way through the barn house.

They soon made it to a large room, but there were two different passages. Dividing the passages was a large, wooden pillar, which made the paths easy to distinguish as the left path and the right path.

The group decided to take the right path, with the advice from Cain. The group continued to slowly make their way down the path.

They soon made it to a group of barrels and other materials, and they heard an odd sound coming from the corner. Sperry used her light wand to light up the place, and what they saw were rats. But these rats were bigger than usual, and they had blood shot eyes. They then quickly sprang into action and ran over to the adventurers, ready to attack them.

Cain and Sperry bolted over to the first rat and attacked it with their swords and axes. The rat lost 8 health. from this.

At the same time, Pindius and Ivar attacked the third rat. This rat lost 7 health. But now the rats were angry, and they prepared for a counterattack against the group. One of the rats started nipping at Cain's back while another pounced at Ivar. While Cain and Ivar were able to repel these minor attacks, they both lost 2 health. They prepared for another round of attacks.

Cain quickly charged the first rat and swiftly decapitated it, finishing it off. At the same time, the two wizards (Sperry and Pindius) attacked the third rat with all of the magic spells they could muster. This rat lost 6 health. Ivar then pounced at the second rat and took out 3 of its health.

The two remaining rats were quick to respond to this, as they bolted at the adventurers right after they had been hit. Ivar was able to apply a good defense, but the others weren't, so Cain, Sperry, and Pindius all lost 2 health.

Sperry, Ivar, and Cain all charged the rats yet again, them all going for the second rat. While they did so Pindius zapped the third rat with a light spell, destroying it. After this, the final rat was only down to 5 health. He retreated into the darkness. The group then moved on, despite some of them having some minor wounds.

As they pushed on into the barn house, into deeper, darker territory, they began to hear moaning. It was eerie, very eerie. This must have been the moaning that Farmer Tayger spoke of! The group, despite being creeped out, continued on.

The adventurers soon made it to a group of barrels and containers. The adventurers decided to only pick one barrel before moving on, and they hoped the contents inside it would be good.

The adventurers thought that the contents inside the smallest barrel with the black lid would be good. Cain slowly approached the barrel and cautiously opened it...

Inside it was a teddy bear! How wonderful.


Pindius would get the teddy bear, the adventurers decided. They all then moved on, into deeper and darker territory.

The group soon made it into a large room that was dimmly lit. As they pressed on further, they heard a strange noise. It didn't sound like the moaning they heard earlier though, it sounded different. Then, suddenly, a large pig came out of the darkness and began to charge the adventurers. Its eyes were bloodshot, just like the rats the group faced earlier. They wanted to fight, but they knew that they shouldn't harm Farmer Tayger's animals. 

Sperry and Pindius then quickly snapped into action and prepared to attempt a magic spell that they had both rarely used before. In a flash, the two wizards zapped the pig with alll the might they had. But it wasn't to kill or hurt the pig. The pig was hit by a light sleeping 

spell, but with the power of the two wizards combined, it was barely able to put the pig to sleep. The adventurers could then move on.

As they continued to move on, it soon became easier and easier for the group to hear the howels and moans that they had heard from before. It was and eerie, creepy sound. And it sounded closer then it ever was. It sounded too close. The group then made it to small room, but there was a problem. It was the end of the barn house. There was no where else to go. The group had gone through the entire house and had unforunately found nothing.

"This can't be it!" said Ivar.

"Maybe if we look more closely we'll find something," said Cain. 

The group then looked around the small little room. They could only look at two items that could help them move on and find out where to go next. If the two items they choose aren't the right ones, there will be consequences.

The group decided to take the viking helmet first, and then move on to look at the rock. Upon examining the helmet, they discovered it could increase someone's total power permanently by 1. 

Sperry was given the helmet as the group moved on to the rock. "Be careful, Cain," said Ivar as Cain approached it. When he flipped it over, there was a giant hole that it was covering that lead dozens of feet below. Cain was caught off guard by this and lost his balance, so he fell down the whole. "AHHHH!" yelled Cain as his voice echoed into the darkness.

"I'm going after him!" said Pindius as he dove down into the hole. 

Ivar and Sperry looked at each other and grinned as they followed Pindius down the hole too. Soon, all four adventurers were now very far beneath the earth and the barnhouse. It was quite dark, so Sperry used her light wand to light the way through what appeared to be a tunnel.

"This is weird," said Ivar. "Farmer Tayger never told us of a basement level to his barn house."

"Maybe he didn't even know this was here..." said Pindius.

"Either way, maybe we can find the source of all these strange happenings down here," said Cain. The group looked to see two pasage ways that lead to two different tunnels. 

Which tunnels will the group take, the right or the left?