"The Frozen Beast" is an upcoming Quest hosted by PindaZwerver.


Shooting star
Fourteen days ago something strange happenend in Ambodia. A massive star fell from the sky. 

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 A team of scientists was sent to investegate the fallen star. But they never returned. A rescue team was sent to look for the scientists... but they seemed to have vanished. There was no trace of them! In the next weeks people from all over Ambodia reported crimes comited by a mysterious beast with a skin from ice. These crimes were all thefts. The monster hadn't hurt any of the citizens of Ambodia... yet.

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2013-01-06 18.45.41

A young smith was smithing a sword in his workshop in the outskirts of Peenda City

In the room next to the work shop the smith's wife was reading the book Clean, cleaner, cleanest by Pindius Zwervus. Then she heard a weird sound followed by a scream. 

2013-01-06 18.46.47
She ran to the workshop and saw her husband had vanished! She ran outside and saw he was being kidnapped by the Frozen Beast! She tried to hit the beast with the sword but it didn't cut through the it's frozen skin. The smith's wife tried to hit the monster again with a toilet plunger but even that didn't seem to effect the beast. She kept hitting the beast but it did not fight back... it just ignored her. It kept dragging the smith farther away from the workshop. Still chased by the wife the beast reached the Wolfara Forest and disappeared in the darkness.
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Now the smith's wife is looking for adventurers brave enough to chase the Frozen Beast and bring back her husband.

Five to six adventurers are needed. 

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Because adventurers need equipment the shopkeeper Jan Zwendelaar, who sold all the items the kidnapped smith made, is offering each of the adventurers one item. 

Zwendelaar: "You can choose one of these items. Some will be usefull during your quest. Some can be kept and used after the quest. Others will be dangerous or useless. So choose carefull. Oh and one more thing: Don't ask were I got these objects."

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After you signed-up tell Zwendelaar what item you want but be specific because he'll pick the item he thinks you mean. You can choose every item from the picture (except the lego plate).