The Order of Mortem is an order of necromancers whose base of operations is located in the Shadow Woods. The primary goal of the order is to preserve the Shadow Woods and to increase their knowledge of necromancy.



The history of the order starts with the creation of the Shadow Woods. 8000 years ago the god Ferocia had a very loyal and brave mortal follower, living in present day Ambodia. This follower, named Castus, was willing to do anything for his god and conquered a great empire in his name. As a reward for his loyalty Ferocia promised Castus eternal life. But to fullfill this promise she had to make a deal with Mortalis, the god of the dead. Mortalis, who rarely interfered with mortal afairs, promised Ferocia to make Castus immortal on the condition that Castus dedicated a small part of his empire to Mortalis. Castus accepted and promised Mortalis a forest in the west of his empire.

The other gods were jealous of Castus's dedication to Ferocia and they feared his expanding empire, they would not allow this man the become immortal. With Ferocia's aid and Mortalis's blessing Castus could conquer the entire world. They came to Mortalis and told him about their concerns. But the god of the dead refused to listen to them, so they were forced to use another strategy. On the day that Castus would show Mortalis his forest. The other gods send their followers to poison the trees, causing them to go ill. When Mortalis arrived only to find a diseased forest he grew angry and threatened to kill Castus. But Ferocia intervened, remembering Mortalis that Castus did do as he promised, he gave Mortalis a forest. So the god of the dead had no choice but to grant Castus his immortality. But to get his revenge he cursed Castus, making him weak leaving nothing but a shadow of the emperor he once was. He also bound Castus to the forest. Castus would be immortal, as long as he didn't leave the forest. From this forest was known Shadow Woods. 


Many centuries later a young wizard named Bruxo came accross the Shadow Woods. He noticed that the Woods had strong connection to the dead. He used the power within the forest to create new spells that led to the discovery of necromancy. Bruxo revealed his newly found spells to other wizards and soon many began to master the art of necromancy. But this caused the forets to lose its power. Bruxo soon found out that the forest fed itself and regained its power from the life force of people. So to make sure that necromancy wouldn't seize to exist he suggested to his fellow wizards that a yearly sacrifice had to be made. Most wizards were against this idea and they abandoned nercomancy, hoping that if they didn't use it the sacrifice would no longer be needed. But some wizards continued to summon the dead and some of them were willing to make a sacrifice to keep that ability. These people, led by Bruxo, became the first members of a new wizard order dedicated to protecting the Shadow Woods and its powers: the Order of Mortem.

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