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The Hill of Mar-Guldar

Mar-Guldar is a big Hill located in The Forest of Gánderhos. It is known for being a place of great darkness.

Legend believed a Dark Wizard once lived here while in matter of fact it was actually one of the 5 Dark Beings (10 Dark Beings) banished to Ambodia.

Even after its death his dark soul and spirit remained fouling the air and enviroments amongst the Hill.

Hargo The Dark OneEdit

Before his death, Mar-Guldar was the final settlement of Hargo The Dark One (one of the 5 banished Dark Beings) He made the ruins stationed on the hill his home and final resting place. His skeleton can not be found due to his secret re-rising to the mortal world. 

Mar-Guldar will always be clouded by the dark clouds coming forth from Hargo's darkended soul that wanders around the hill for thousands of years waiting for his powers to grow strong enough to resurrect him. 

No one knows of this event occuring. 

In the Ambodia of today Ivar has confirmed that Hargo The Dark One will rise again at the Hill of Mar-Guldar and will face off there with all the characters of the players. 


While travelling as a group through the Forest of Gánderhos Ivar FirewingCain III InarachniSperry Van NessPindius ZwervusKerk Acksedge and Tantin Spud reached the Hill of Mar-Guldar and felt its eerie atmosphere and dark presence quite uncomforatable and untrustwhorthy. They decided to take a look into the fortress on the top of the hill incase any threats to Ambodia lay upon here. 

They were proven right when Hargo The Dark One resurrected in spectacular fashion right before their very eyes. After a short confrontation and a battle with the Dark One the heroes figured they were no match for his newly resurrected might and tried to flee. Only they toke the wrong path in the fortress and reached a large stone cliff sticking out of the fortress above the cliffs of The Great Sea. 

Hargo has followed them and broke the cliff they stood on. All fell with the cliff into The Great Sea and rode it through a sea storm for the night, trying to get to safety. Eventually they all managed to survive and decided to bring the news of Hargo's return into the world. 


Ivar might or might not use the story of Hargo and the Hill of Mar-Guldar for a Geust. Other players are also allowed to make a Quest about it if they like. 

The Quest must obviously contain the discovery of Hargo's Rebirth.


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  • The Hill of Mar-Guldar was inspired by Dol Guldur
  • The Design was inspired by Dol Guldur and Weathertop
  • The Design was made Lego Digital Designer by Ivar
  • The Design features the character Ivar Firewing, Sperry Von Ness and Hargo The Dark One
  • The set features a scene where Hargo The Dark One has just been reborn and the group (the players) try to fight him. Ofcourse not all characters are depicted. 
  • The set contains 371 pieces
  • The instruction manual contains 136 pages of building
  • Playable features include: A piece of ground that falls when it's support it's pulled away and leads to a pit of fire, The set can be adjusted and closed, the treasure chest can esily be picked up and back on again, the captapult fires bricks and you can keep the staffs and other weapons in the barrels.