Mûro-Dor, The Ancient Wizard of Darkness.

Mûro-Dor was an ancient Human Dark Wizard known from stories involving Red Mountain. He started out as a Wizard Spellcaster. But due to his great knowledge and control over the Darkest Forms of Magic, Mûro became one of the most powerful Wizards to ever live on Ambodia. He got expelled from St. Sybbyl Rowan of Derwentwater Academy of Wizardry and Healing Arts and started a live in Wolfara Forest. After a year he travelled to the center of the forest and found the now called Red Mountain. Legends say he then started a new life on the Mountain Peak. 

St. Sybbyl Rowan of Derwentwater Academy of Wizardy And Healing ArtsEdit

Dor joined the classes for Wizardy when he turned 12. He had a particular interest in Dark Magic and continued to study it all day long. He usually bullied by several groups of bullies for thinking he was weird. After secretly training and mastering the Dark Magic he had studied for so many years, Mûro, aged 19, led a choatic rampage through the Academy, resulting in his permanent ban. He was stopped by the Headmaster of the Academy, but not before he could kill those who bullied them and slaughter them brutally. 

Red MountainEdit

During his exicle, Mûro travelled Ambodia for many many years. Always studying the Darkest of Magic he could find. After a stay for 5 year in Wolfara Forest, Mûro, now aged 37 decided to go live on the mountain in the centre of Wolfara Forest. Being extremely powerful in the Dark Magics he was able to produce a giant castle strong enough to hold it's place on the peak of the Mountain. Since the castle was made out of Dark Magic, it's roots caused the Mountain and it's surroundings to get infected, sick and die. Thus creating Red Mountain and The Dead   Fields. 

This is only a legend told in many children and adventurer books all amongst Ambodia. No clear evidence was ever found Mûro-Dor actaully started a new life on top of the mountain. Although all over the mountain old and ancient spell books were found, but were either burned or unreadable. No one ever made it to the top, but the circling black clouds above the mountain made people believe in Mûro-Dor's existence up there.

Several broken castle pieces can be found mysteriously laying across the Dead Fields or on the surface of Red Mountain. This phenomonal has people believe in Mûro-Dor having build a castle for himself on the mountain peak. The storytellers believe Mûro continued experimenting with Dark Magic so much, one day he tried to summon a spell so great and so strong, it imploded on the Wizard, killing him instantely. 

Mûro-Dor is believed to have died on a very old age ranging from 152 to 197 or 200. Some believe he is still lives, on the top of the mountain, in his destroyed castle, being kept allive by the Dark Magic he so craves. 

It is also believed the Spiders that live inside Red Mountain are creations from Mûro-Dor while experimenting with Dark Magic.


In a Quest-Chain hosted by Ivar-Jedi, players have to find out if the Legend of Mûro-Dor is true. 

  1. Quest 4 - The Book of Dark Spells