Korbulence Chordata

Class: Spy

Level: 0

Race: Argonian

Player: Legolas

Description:  Description: Korbulence grew up in a poor family. To support himself, he had no choice but to dwell in thievery. By his teen years he became an accomplished thief. As he got older he became involved in dark activities and eventually joined a cult. There he discovered a newfound bloodlust and became a brilliant assassin. He is up for hire, if the pay and challenge of the task is truly worth his time.  

Health: 45

Physical attack: 14

Physical defense: 2

Magical attack: 0

Magical defense: 2

Energy: 100

Attack distance: Short

Weapons: Basic dagger

Gold: 0


Spells: None

Abilities: None

Quests: None

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