Kings are rulers of certain places on Ambodia. Some have more

A King

power than others and their role is usually passed down their family bloodline. At the moment, there are five different Kings on Ambodia.


Kings on the Eastern SideEdit

  1. King Harold (King of the Humans)
  2. King Sparktooth (King of the Dwarves)
  3. King Lauvin (King of the Royal Elves)
  4. King Eltor (King of the Forest Elves)

Kings on the Western SideEdit

  1. King Gongo (King of the entire Western side of Ambodia)


  • King Gongo is the only person to be the king of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.
  • King Gongo is the only king on the Western side of Ambodia.
  • There are two Elf Kings because there are two main Elf cities on the eastern side of Ambodia.
  • King Harold is arrogant and secretly wants Gongo's Throne and rule the entire world of Ambodia. 
  • King Sparktooth has two younger brothers. 

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