Karkoth Abaler

Class: Spy

Level: 0

Race: [[Scrythian

Player: CBK

Description: Karkoth was raised in a culture where the women Scrythians were considered weak, and were beaten if seen breaking any rules set by the Elder Males. Karkoth was born to a weak mother who passed away during child birth due to her being in critical condition. His father on the other hand was an elder in his village, and taught Karkoth how to kill, command, and use stealth techniques. His father was strict, and severely beat him when he had poor edict, or failed to kill or give mercy. Years later Karkoth became a well respected leader among his tribe and set out on his own path to gain more adherents and to study the ways of other races that share the world, Ambodia 

Health: 45

Physical attack: 14

Physical defense: 2

Magical attack: 0

Magical defense: 2

Energy: 100

Attack distance: Short

Weapons: Basic dagger

Gold: 0


Spells: None

Abilities: None

Quests: None