Humans are a class to play as in Ambodia. They are proud warriors and greatly care about their land.


Soldier- Soldiers start out with a sword and shield as weapons. They also start with 30 health and 10 power.

Soldiers are strong fighters and will fight to the death if it’s something that they believe in. They’re brave and are up for almost any task.

Peasant- Peasants start out with a small sword and a frying pan as weapons. They also start with 25 health and 12 power.

Peasants are perhaps the most underestimated group of them all, them being very caring for others and even skilled fighters at times. Them being underestimated is their ultimate skill in battle.


Human Soldier


Human Peasant


Humans can be dangerous warriors at times. They are equally balanced out with everything. Although they have no advantages, they have no disadvantages either.