Getting StartedEdit

Players will begin by creating their character and choosing a class. After they have chosen the race and class (each class has different advantages and disadvantages) from that race that they like, they will make a Lego figure of their character or ask someone else to. After the picture has been posted and they make a wiki page for it (stating all of their stats), they may begin playing as soon as possible.

Making a PageEdit

After you've created and posted a picture of your character, you must make a wiki page for them. This page must include a picture of your character and all of their stats (their health, their power, their gold, and their special items). This page must be updated after every quest you make so your character's stats are up to date. Here is an Example Character Profile.

Signing upEdit

After you've completed all of the material above, you may then sign up for a Quest. Quests are missions that you can sign up for that help you earn gold, items, and get more powerful. Quests can range from battling monsters to finding a missing key to a door, anything's possible. Usually, there's only one Quest available at a time. Somtimes there will be some requirements that you must meet before you sign up (such as being a certain level, having a certain type of weapon, being a certain type of class). Other times, there's no requirements and anyone can sign up. A page on this wiki, called The Sign up Sheet, will be where you can sign up for Quests. There, you go and post as a comment that you'd like to sign up for the Quest. After the host of the Quest gets all of the players they need, they'll close off sign ups and edit their names onto the page, saying that the're participating in that Quest. You must then wait for the Quest to begin. 

Playing a QuestEdit

When the Quest is ready to start, the host will post a link to it from where the sign up pages are. The Quest will all take place on a page on this wiki. When the host gives the players the all clear, they may start role playing and completing whatever the host tells them to do (which could be anything). Playing a Quest includes many different oppurtunities for players. 

Decision MakingEdit

One of the main parts of Quests is working together as a team (if you are in a group that is). There will be points where your group will have multiple choices to make or where you'll have to get creative and come up with your own solution to a problem. The host will let you know when you need to think of a decision for a problem. Making decisions could range from deciding which path to take to deciding how to take down a troll.


Sometimes players will have to battle enemies in order to get past them or to defeat them. When that times comes, the host will wait for each player in the group to choose their target and their way of attacking it. By the time every player in the group as done so, the host will tell them if their attack was successful or not, or how successful it was. In order to fully defeat an enemy, you must depleat their health to zero. A player's health is usually higher than a regular enemy's health, so if they attack you you won't die straight away. Usually, when there's a larger, more dangerous enemy, players will have to attack it as a group in order to defeat it and not get killed themselves.

Finding ItemsEdit

Players can sometimes find items. This usually happens when they defeat an enemy, make a good decision, or just are doing good on the Quest. Items can help you in many different ways. You can sell them for money or even use them to gain more health or power.

Finishing a QuestEdit

When the Quest is completed all players will be rewarded somehow. Weather it's them gaining more health or them earning gold, they must be rewarded for completing a Quest. The only scenario where they are not rewarded is if they lose the Quest. Losing a Quest means that all of the players reached zero health or they didn't complete their objective.

Gaining ExperienceEdit

You are allowed to sign up for as many Quests as you like, just make sure you do one at a time. Quests can help you earn more gold (which you can use to buy items at the Market) or level up and get more health. The more you play, the better and more experienced your character will be!


The Market Place is where you can buy items with gold. These items range from weapons (which help you in battle) to potions (which can increase your health or power for some time).