Hargo The Dark One

Hargo The Dark One.

Hargo The Dark One was one of the 10 Dark Beings. He is one of the 5 Dark Beings that has been banished to become mortal on the world of Ambodia. He is believed to have been destroyed but is secretly rising again at "Mar-Guldar


Due to conflicts between the original 18 Powerfull Beings, 5 of the Dark Beings were banishment to the world of Ambodia. Hargo was one of these five together with his brother Jedago and Ramgo. 

During the banishment of the five, they got in a war with the mortals and were eventually defeated and believed to have been killed. (Read: The Dark Being War)

Hargo was stabbed through the back  on a small bridge inside the "Dark Palace" on "Force Mountain" were the 5 banished Dark Being had build their fortress. His body was pushed off the bridge into the depths of the mountain. 

Survival Edit

A day after the defeat of the 5 Dark Beings, Hargo, now on the rocky bottom of the mountain floor, woke up. To his suprise he had survived the fall and the stabbing. His Dark Magic had saved him.

The Powerful Beings still living in the Immortal Realm have no knowledge about his survival. Neither have the mortals. 

Ambodia Edit

During his solitary life on Ambodia, Hargo travelled many lands and fought many foes. Most of the time he would reside in Backlonia Forest. Having no knowledge about Bogare the Dark One who also survived and dwells here and would eventually find Lord Viroff.

After a stay of 25 years in the Forest, Hargo left because of Iverar City expanding towards it. He left for a 3 and a half year journey around the globe and eventually stumbled upon a small Hill; "Mar-Galdur" Because adventures were to affraid to enter the Hill, Hargo used the hill as his final settlement and resting place. Even though his Dark Magic had help him survive the brutal attack by the mortals, Hargo himself was still mortal himself and dying of age. 

Once the day finally came, Hargo died slowly, laying against a soft cushion of black leaves. But Hargo's dark presence still lurks around the Hill to this day due to his soul still bein intact and gathering power. 

Rise And ReturnEdit

Unbeknowst to Ambodia and it's creators, Hargo is secretly rising from the dead again and reclaiming his long lost powers. He hopes to have vengeance on the mortals once more and complete Bogare's siege on Iverar City. 

What he doesn't know is that Bogare already found a new Dark Lord with the same purpose. 

Hargo has already enabled the ability to conjure up himself a body to slowly return in. Adventures who have come close to the mountain speak of a ungodly like creature with ink black skin and big purple eyes. It is said to move very slow but it has the abilitie to change itself into the dark clouds surrounding the "Mar-Guldar" 

These stories are believed to be make believe by hallucinating travellers. 

Hargo's powers and new body are almost complete to return to the world of Ambodia and start his rampage.