Red Mountain 4

Eradar Lake seen on the scale model of Red Mountain.

Eradar Lake is a small lake located next to the sick Red Mountain located in Wolfara Forest. The lake is named after it's founder; the Elf Giull Eradar who cured the lake of the sickness spoken over the mountain and some of it's surroundings. 


As known to Ambodian travellers, Red Mountain is the largest Mountain located in Wolfara Forest. It lays within the heart of the woods. The mountain was made sick (see Red Mountain and Mûro-Dor) and after many years it also started to slowly sicken it's surroundings, including the lake wich turned from crystal clear into a dark pool of sickness. 


One day the Elf magician Giull Eradar passed through the forest and reached the mountain. He noticed how many travellers had suffered from illness and even death before he left on his journey. When he reached the lake he took out a large blue glowing gem. 

He uttered a curing spell and sucked out all the sickness from the lake and making it crystal clear and healthy again. Eradar wasn't able to cure the sickness all around for unknown reasons because Eradar was never seen again after returning the stone to the Elven Capital. 

To honour his deeds the lake was dubbed "Eradar Lake" and is still to this day unharmed by the sickness that still roams around the mountain and the Dead Fields. 

Eradar himself is believed to have lived a life in solitude at the Blue Coasts.