Emdlán Plains

The Plains of Emdlán

The Emdlán Plains are a small collection of light green and beige colored plains that borders on the Forest of Gánderhos and are located in ???, the Southern region of Ambodia.


The plains are very small and look like a large collection of sqaure mini plains stichted together. Most plains color from light green to beige. Some are also brown. 

The plains have no trees for the only thing that grows here is grass. These make a great living habitat for insect and rabbits wich are often studied and hunted here. 

At the west side of the plains a part of the tail of the Tatola Mountains can be seen going south eventually reaching Gánderhos

On the plains there is one small cottage located at the foot of the mountain that passes the plains. This is the old cottage of Victor Emdlán and is now inhabitated by the Elf Enlial Bluegrass who uses it as his home and workplace to study the insects of Ambodia.


The plains are named after the famous human traveller Victor Emdlán from The Silver Plains located infront of Peenda City

He loved these small plains so much that he build a small cottage here for himself after his wife and passed on and his son's had died in The Dark Being War at the hands of Bogare the Dark One. He sat out his days here and dubbed these lands forever as the "Emdlán Plains"

Now the cottage is used as a home by the Elven insect-lover/studier Enlial Bluegrass.



The Emdlán Plains make a minor appearance in Ivar's second book "An Ambodian Adventure: World of Wonders" as the company of Cain III Inarachni crosses the plains travelling towards the forest of Gánderhos in their quest to investigate the happenings at Mar-Guldar

They stop at the cottage of Enlial to get some food and something to drink and some extra information about Mar-Guldar.