Elves are a class to play as in Ambodia. They are wise and are very skilled warriors. They are also immortal unless killed in battle.


Guard- Guards start out with a spear and a shield as weapons. They also start with 30 health and 10 power.

Elf Guards are proud, warrior elves that will do anything to fight for their people. They mostly participate in larger battles but can be a very powerful foe alone.

Ranger- Rangers start out with a bow and arrow and a small knife. They also have 25 health and 12 power. Rangers mostly work alone or in small groups, them being very solitary people. They know many different hunting and survival skills, which help them greatly out in the wilderness.


Elf Guard


Elf Ranger


Elves, being so quick and agile, can not only run fast, but they can also attack very quickly. A disadvantage of them is that they're attacks aren't as powerful as other classes' attacks.