Dwarves, of Dwarfs are a class to play as in Ambodia. Although stubborn at times, they have big hearts.


Berserker- Beserkers start out with a club and a battle axe as weapons. They also have 25 health and 12 power.

Berserker Dwarves work well with others and fight well as a team. They carry heavy weapons and are very strong, proud warriors.

Skirmisher- Skirmishers start out with a throwing axe and a short sword as weapons. They also have 30 health and 10 power.

Skirmishers are very skilled in quick missions with little fighting. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t prepared for a fight; they have many different weapons and skilled abilities


Dwarf Berserker


A Dwarf Skirmisher


Dwarves attack with great power and force, making them one of the better classes when it comes to strength. They can also fit into smaller areas that larger classes can't. A disadvantage to them is that they don't have enough power to use their strength all of the time and they can't run as fast as other classes.