Darren Matta.

Darren Matta is a young Wizard studying on the St. Sybbyl Rowan of Derwentwater Academy of Wizardry and Healing Arts. He is a strong believer in the legend of Mûro-Dor and plans on finding enough evidence to prove it. 

He is the first Quest-Giver in the "The Legend of Mûro-Dor" Quest-Chain all hosted by Ivar-Jedi. 

St. Sybbyl Rowan of Derwentwater Academy of Wizardry And HealingEdit


Plot Edit

After climbing up the infamous Red Mountain in Wolfara Forest, Darren Matta, found an ancient book containing dark and powerful spells. Darren is a strong believer in the legend of Mûro-Dor and wishes ti uncover all it’s secrets. Once he had hold of the book he saw hundreds of red eyes staring him down from a tunnel entrance infront of him. From fear, Darren dropped the book and ran off. He now wants it back! But he is too afraid to go there again and asks you to help him out...

The QuestEdit

[Will be updated after the Quest is played] 


  • Darren Matta is an obvious nod toward the character of "Darren Ratta" created by Ivar in his second "Ambush Game" "Rise of The Infiltrators" 
  • Darren Ratta (on who Matta is based) was played by DarthPotato77, the creator of the Ambush Games and Ambodia. 


  • Darren Matta - 1
  • Darren Matta - 2

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