Captain Redcoat

Captain Filliun "Redcoat" Díris.

Filliun Díris, also known as "Captain Redcoat" is the Pirate Captain of the "Ambush Pirates" and commandeer of "The Ambusher" He is a rude and very menacing pirate. He lives for the plunder and booty that a pirate life will grant you and leads his crew with an iron fist. His craving for Gold is unqeuchinable.

He is wanted for 100.000 Gold Pieces by King Harold from Iverar City.

Character And EquipmentEdit

Recoat is in one word 'hearless' he cares for no one but himself and his pirate booty. He lives for the plundering and gold coins that come with it. He doesn't want to bury hos treasure though and keeps it stored in the bottom deck of his ship. Most of his days he resides in his Captain's Qaurters and studies maps. However, during a fight he always shows and to show that he is even to this day one of the most formidable swordsman in all of Ambodia. He even deulled King Harold once during a plunder of the Iverar City Harbors, where both sides suffered loses. 

He is equipped with Pirate long Sword becuase that is all he needs. The crew's parrot Kobus (seen on the photo) is also his.