The Book of Mortem is an item rewarded by the king of Ambodia to adventurers at the end of the Secrets of the Forest quest. The book is written in an ancient languages and has to be translated before it can be used. The copies of the book rewarded by the king originally belonged to Vondur Jahat. But there are probably other copies in the hands of other members of the Order of Mortem.



Ira narum etor Bruxo. Irum kacrator marazorum az ze Ortus za Mortem. Irum scritor zir tektum per ir mazas traz az ir ner wanzor veras ira serctus. Irum hortas ter zazir raserctus ta ziltor zur malt racentrus. Zur ze atus gra marazorum kozas nemto ta veras. 

Chaptrum Wor: MagicusEdit

Chaptrum Dor: Gestorus za MortemEdit

Chaptrum Tor: Raserctus gra WoltumEdit

Chaptrum Vor: Ze VengusEdit

Work in progress

Zir chaptrum shaltor wez irtum kaetor lasot. Irtum ner kozas rascritor dar Bruxo.

Ze furtus gra Ortus za Mortem etor gatrus. Zazir radvum dort kasezor aros mazor ir. Mal irum ziltor aros ira vengus. Dortum etor crondus gra Ortus noz. Certas ter ze Crondum ner ziltor fondor dorta allerum. Irum ziltor cozar dort zur pozir raortum.


The Book of Mortem will have several chapters, with each focusing on a different subject. Some chapters will reveal spells and abilities, others will reveal lore or clues for future quests. However, the player will have to translated the text from a fictional language first. In order to do this the player has to discover certain words. Sometimes players can find translation scrolls or other items that help them with this. But sometimes a character in a quest will speak this language and some words can be revealed or derived from a sentence. This book is meant to take a long time to translate entirely. And the plan is to reveal words during the sequels to Secrets of the Forest, so don't worry if you don't manage to translate it any time soon. 

Players can share their translations if they want, but they can also contact PindaZwerver in private to ask if their translation is correct, in this case they may unlock the spell, ability or hint from the book while other players don't. 

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