Bogare the Dark One was one of the ten Dark Beings that helped create
 Ambodia. He was also one of the five that was sent down to Ambodia to become mortal. He has a brother named Pogare the Dark One.

He is the only survivor of the The Dark Being War together with Hargo The Dark One.

Creating AmbodiaEdit

Banished to AmbodiaEdit

The Dark Being WarEdit

Bogare particiapted in the The Dark Being War along with the other Dark Beings banished to Ambodia. All of the mortal beings on Ambodia had the urge to rid the darkness on Ambodia, and they wanted to do so by fighting the Dark Beings. The war lasted for years, the Dark Beings killings thousands of mortal beings. But in the end, after years of fighting, all five Dark Beings were thought to be destroyed, along with Marko the Dark One, their leader. But Bogare was able to escape at the last second and fled to Backlonia Forest, but he was wounded. There, he slowly healed and stayed hidden over the next two thousand years

Finding ViroffEdit

Bogare remained in Backlonia Forest  because he sensed that a dark power would

Bogare the Dark One finds Viroff

one day find its way into the forest, and Bogare would be able to help it become the ultimate darkness. And he was right, for Lord Viroff, a human who wanted to destroy the race of humans on Ambodia, came to Backlonia forest one day, injured after a battle. Bogare could sense that he had dranken from the immortal goblet, so he knew this human was destined for great dark deeds. He crafted him a suit of armor and a magical mace and then left him alone in the forest. For the next 30 years, Viroff remained in Backlonia Forest, charging up his power. Viroff would soon start a massive war on Ambodia, all thanks to Bogare.