Biff is a part of the crew of the "Ambush Pirates" He is the younger brother of Boff and Buff, who are also part of the crew. While Buff and Boff are the cannon master below Deck, Biff has stationed himself in the Crows-Nest of "The Ambusher" He often gets teased by his brothers during their voyages. 

Character And EquipmentEdit

Biff, being the youngest brother of three brothers often gets picked on by his older siblings. Even though Biff is a Pirate, he is a very quite and thoughtful young lad. This is the main reason he moved to the Crows-Nest, he enjoys his solitairly there. 

But don't let this decieve you, Biff is a formidable opponent, equipt with a long Sword and a Pirate Gun. Due to all the time his spend up in the masts his become extremely formidable in using the ropes as tools to ambush his enemies or get to high places at forts to take out catapults and cannons. During battle Biff is quick and light on his feet, compared to his brother who are broard and loud.