Not to be confused with Quest 2- Barn House of Doom

Barnhouse of Doom is the 9th chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing

9 - Barnhouse of Doom - "Fancy seeing you' again" Cain said while leaning on his axe and when Ivar reached the barn. 

"Well i must say it is better to see you guys again. Especially after what we've been through" Ivar responded thinking back about the Golbin encounter. 

"We?" Cain asked. 

"Everyone, meet Sarry and Gyll" Ivar turned aside so the rest could see the two battered once prisoners in full view. Sarry and Gyll just stood there and smiled a bit akwardly. 

"I saved them from getting eaten by Goblins, along with myself ofcourse. Those woods are not as safe as i thought" Ivar said will smiling. He felt pretty proud about what he did back there. 

"That's quite amazing actually" Kerk said and walked towards Sarry and Gyll extending his hand to introduce himself. The rest did the same except for Pindius who came to stand next to Ivar. 

"So, now that you've got another taste of adventure, do you think you might help us?" He asked Ivar while leaning on his walking stick/staff. 

"Help you with what exactly?" Ivar asked. 

"This barn behind me is not an ordinary barn, oh no, it is much more then that!" Pindius made clear as he pointed towards the large barn behind him. 

"What kind of barn is it then?"

"That's the beauty of it. We don't know. We are here to find out what's inside of there. Someone or something has been playing nasty tricks on these humble farmers"

"And you want me to come and go in there with you?" Ivar looked at the barn again. 

Pindius smiled and replied; "Yes" Ivar looked at him and Pindius continued his sentence; "You've helped us before with the Bloka Leaves and this could be some sort of reunion. We've grown fond of you Ivar, we couldn't shut up about you on our way here"

Ivar smiled and looked down at his feet as he was very flattered. "Wow, i don't know what to say. I must say i am very flattered. But i've just been through a pretty horrible experience. Maybe i should rest this one out"

Pindius looked at Ivar and wanted to say something as he opened his mouth but quickly a new voice interrupted him. 

"Well, well, i didn't know you were being more friends along?" a man with brown hair said as he came walking out of the house next to the barn. He was obviously the farmer who lived here. 

"We weren't" said Pindius as Farmer Tagyer approached him and Ivar. He stopped infront of them and looked at both men. 

"Well, then why is he here? I'm famer Tagyer by the way, sorry if i'm being rude" the farmer said as he extended his hand towards Ivar who shoke it and replied with his name. 

"Ivar and his friends here just happened to pass by the moment you went inside. He is a good friend of us and has just been in quite an adventure himself" Pindius told Tagyer. 

"Really? Well, you look like an adventurer type. I hope you'll like this one as well" Tagyer said to Ivar referring to barnhouse quest. 

"Well actaully..." Ivar managed to say before being interrupted by Pindius; "Ivar just told me he plans to sit this one out"

"Oh" was the sound Tagyer made, looking a bit disappointed; "I could've used as many men as possible but i understand. And what about your friends over there?" Tagyer referred to Sarry and Gyll. 

"Those are Sarry and Gyll. I rescued them from a Goblin camp before they got the chance to eat us. They've been through so much. Please give them some food and water" Ivar told Tagyer. 

Tagyer nodded; "That's quite alright. Follow me inside then. Pindius, you may enter the barn. I wish all the best luck and may you find out what's going on in there and get to the bottom of all this"

Pindius nodded. Farmer Tagyer mentioned for Ivar, Sarry and Gyll to come with him and they followed him over the beautiful green grass towards his house. Ivar felt the group looking at him. He felt they hoped him to join them. 

Suddenly Ivar stopped in his tracks and turned around; "Pindius!" he shouted as the group approached the barnhouse. They stopped after hearing Ivar's shout. "Wait for me!" was Ivar's second shout and he ran towards the group and the barnhouse. 

Tagyer, Sarry and Gyll just watched and smiled while shaking their heads. They then continued to go inside. 

"Pull! Pull! PULL!" came Cain's pep talk as Sperry and Kerk pulled the large gates of the barnhouse open. When they were finally opened the group looked inside the barn but saw nothing but darknes. Utter darkness.

Pindius groaned a bit and tapped his staff on the ground before telling everyone; "Get ready" He then slowly ventured in followed by the rest. 

"It sure it dark in here" Kerk's voice echoed through the darkness. 

"That's why Pindius has a light on his staff!" Cain responded. 

"So what? It's a small light that doesn't provide enough" Kerk was irritated now. 

"Oh do shut up" Cain said as he was tired of argueing already. 

Ivar smiled at the bickering between Cain and Kerk. He was happy to be amongst his friends again. But not so happy about the darkness everywhere. Pindius was certainly right, this isn't a normal barnhouse at all. Not barn is this dark. 

"I knew you wouldn't bail on us" Sperry said to Ivar. 

"Well i am still pretty tired. But i geuss i will never say no to an adventure" Ivar replied to her. 

"Stop!" Pindius said as he halted the group. 

They made it to a large room, but there were two different passages. Dividing the passages was a large, wooden pillar, which made the paths easy to distinguish as the left path and the right path.

"It's a barnhouse! It's usually just one big courtyard sort of thing! I doubt these two paths lead to something else each. I'm pretty sure they intersect after a while. I think the pillar is just for support" Kerk immediately spouted out as he understood the situation. 

"We don't know this barnhouse. For all we know, these are two different paths that lead to different parts of the barn" Pindius told Kerk. 

Sperry walked forward and tried to see where each path led by using her staff and the light on it but couldn't see anything but a few cattle cages on both sides. 

"I'm just going to say it now. We should not split up" Cain said to everyone; "We don't know what's out there and how dangerous it is. I suggest we all just pick on side, map it and if it doesn't lead anywhere we can always try the other path" Cain then finished. 

Everyone just muttered a bit and looked around, not quite sure what to do. 

Ivar noticed this and didn't like how no one saw the good idea Cain had. He then decided he should show them and came to stand next to cain. "I'm with Cain" Ivar then said. Everyone looked up and after a while they all agreed it was the right plan. "Okay Cain, wich path will it be?" Pindius asked.

"Let's go right" Cain suggested and the group ventured to the right path. 

After dwelling for a short period of time in new darkness Sperry saw something waiting of them. 4 blood-shot red eyes, watching them, from the darkness. 

Sperry stayed calm and mentioned for Pindius to come stand next to her and she wishpered to him; "What do you suppose they are?" 

"I don't know. But they are moving now" Pindius replied. 

Sperry quickly pointed her staff forward and the red eyes came closer and closer until they reached the light coming from the staff. It were two rats. 

The group just stood there and looked at them as the rats did the same. After a few seconds that felt like an eternaty the rats attacked Sperry and Pindius because they were on the front. 

Sperry hit one rat with her staff sending it flying back into the darkness and Pindius quickly conjured up a magic shield for a second and the rat bounced of it back on the group. The rat got back up and jumped through Pindius's legs and then launched itself at Kerk who was quick to repsond and avoided the monsters teeth. 

The other rat came back and launched itself at Sperry again. Sperry used her staff again and the rat flew into the darkness again, but when it came back it crawled upon Ivar's leg and got ready to bite him. 

Ivar was quick and before the rat could bite him he slammed the creature with his fist and it fell off. 

"That was close!" Ivar shouted at the sudden rush of adrenaline. Then, a third rat came jumping down from what seemed to be the attic of the barn and landed on Ivar's head who quickly started to dance around the scene trying to get the rat out of his hair. 

Kerk was still avoiding the other rat that tried to bite and scratch him at every jump. The rat managed to scratch Kerk's right cheek a bit when it jumped at his face. Kerk was bit disorientated now and the rat charged again. 

Quickly Cain came to the rescue and kicked the rat in the air. He then made a spin the air aswell and decapitated the blood thirsty creature. He landed safely back on the ground with the two rat parts behind him. Kerk applauded him. 

Meanwhile Sperry and Pindius were shooting magic spells at two red eyes in the darkness, running away from them. Eventually the rat was hit and flew through the wooden wall of the bar, making a hole in it and letting some sunlight from outside in. 

Ivar finally got the rat out of his hair and through it on the ground. The rat landed on it's feet and pounced at Ivar again. Ivar quickly got his shield ready and the rat bumped into it head first. 

The rat fell on the ground, disorientated and Pindius shot a silver blue beam at it and the rat exploded. 

"Blood thirsty demon rats!" Ivar shouted out after phatoming what had just happend. 

"They seemed possesed" Sperry told Pindius. 

"They didn't attack us for nothing. We must be getting close" Pindius told the group and they ventured on. Some with minor wounds. 

As they pushed on into the barn house, into deeper, darker territory, they began to hear moaning. It was eerie, very eerie.

"That must be the moaning Farmer Tagyer spoke of!" Sperry exclaimed spontaiously. 

"He didn't say anything about moaning!" Ivar made clear a bit frightend.

"He told us before you came into play" Sperry answered. 

The group, despite being creeped out, ventured on. 

As they continued to move on, it soon became easier and easier for the group to hear the howels and moans that they had heard from before. It was and eerie, creepy sound. And it sounded closer then it ever was. It sounded too close. The group then made it to small room, but there was a problem. It was the end of the barn house. There was no where else to go. The group had gone through the entire house and had unforunately found nothing.

"This can't be it!" said Cain.

"Maybe if we look more closely we'll find something," said Ivar. 

"There is a large cart over here" said Sperry as she shined her light on the cart that was filled with barrles and hay. 

"Every barn has an entrance to the north and the south. Move this card out of the way so we can open these doors" Pindius said and walked toward the cart and started pushing. 

The group helped push the cart and slowly it moved. Pindius gave it one last push before he noticed the ground beneath him was now a hole. He fell in it, screaming a bit. 

"Pindius! Pindius! Can you hear us? Are you okay donw there!?" Kerk immediately called out for Pindius through the hole he had fallen in. 

To great relief Pindius's voice came through the hole; "I'm fine. I think we've found our new path"

"I'm going after him!" said Cain as he dove down the hole. 

Ivar and Sperry looked at each other and grinned as they followed Cain down the hole too. Kerk quickly followed. Soon all adventurers were now very far beneath the earth and the barnhouse. It was quite dark aswell so Sperry and Pindius used their staffs to light it up again. They saw what appeared to be a tunnel.

"This is weird," said Ivar. "Farmer Tayger never told us of a basement level to his barn house."

"Maybe he didn't even know this was here" Pindius responded while looking at the tunnel before them. 

Kerk stepped forward without saying a word and ventured into the tunnel as he knew everyone wanted to. The rest slowly joined him into the dark passage. 

Pindius came to stand next to Cain and told him; "It seem going right was a good idea after all" while both looked at the tunnel. 

Cain smiled and together with Pindius they caught up with the rest and ventured on. At that moment the moans became louder once again.

Eventually they reached a large cave with a small puddle of water in the middle and pointy wetrocks sticking down from the ceiling. For some reason this place was brighter then the entire barnhouse and the tunnel itself.

Sperry and Pindius shut off their lights as they were no longer needed. 

"This place is beautiful" Ivar said out loud, admiring the cave's structure's and peacefullness. 

"I can't wait to see Farmer Tagyer's face when we tell him about this" said Cain. 

Kerk started laughing thinking about how Farmer Tagyer might react. 

Suddenly the moans began again and the wonder of the cave was immediately filled with an eerie atmosphere as the moans where no right where they were. 

"We're here. This is where we must be" Ivar said as he toke out his sword. 

While everyone was looking around trying to find where the moans eminate from two large red eyes appeared in a dark corner of the cave. The pig where the eyes belong to charged and knocked over Pindius. 

"A pig!?" Sperry reacted scared and confused and was knocked over as well before she knew it. 

While Kerk helped Sperry back up Pindius helped himself back up but when he was back on his knees he saw something infront of him. It was terrifying and beautiful. A white spectre with dark purple hair, dwelling infront of him, looking at him. Suddenly it screamed an eerie and terrifying scream and started to fly rapidly through the cave. 

"So the stories are true" Pindius said while still laying on the ground and watching the spectre fly through the cave at rapid speed and screaming all the way. 

The pig now attacked Ivar. Ivar quickly pulled out his sword and sat himself down waiting for the impact of the pig against his shield. Even though he was almost flown off his feet he managed to hold his shield and the pig infront of him. The pig continued pushing and hitting the shield, it is very angry. 

Ivar prepared to stab the pig but heard Kerk shout as him; "Ivar STOP! We can't hurt Tagyer's own animals" 

Ivar sighed and was losing his power now as the pig was breaching his defenses. Sperry Von Ness quickly got to her feet and kicked her staff in the air to catch it and fired a spell right at the pig. It was a full hit and the pig slowly started to fall asleep. 

Now that the pig was asleep everyone looked at the screaming spectre in the room. They followed its every movement. Eventually the spectre dove into the puddle of water. It was gone for second before re-appearing and waving her hands around to make spouts of water hit Ivar, Cain and Kerk right in the chest. They flew a couple feet backwards on the hard, wet rocky surface of the cave. 

Pindius and Sperry readied their staffs and nodded at eachother. The ghost shot two waterspurts at them but both made a shield from magic to protect them. Unfortunately while casting the spell they can not move. 

Slowly, while rubbing his head, Ivar stood up and watched the ghost fighting the two magicians. He quickly noticed he had to do something. He started looking around and saw Kerk's bow laying on a large boulder. He ran to it and picked it up. He readied it and aimed at the spectre's head. He fired but the arrow just flew right through the female ghost. 

The arrow had startled the ghost and it stopped her attack. It looked at the fired arrow and then at Ivar who stood there with bow in hand. The spectre moaned and screamed once more and waved here hands to the sides, making Pindius and Sperry fly backwards. Then the spectre screamingly charged Ivar who didn't know what to do out of fear. Pindius got up quickly, grabbed his staff and ran over to Ivar. He threw himself on the back and slid under the spectre and then hit it with his staff. The spectre's screams stopped as it exploded in white smoke before reaching Ivar. 

Ivar and Pindius sighted heavy and were quikly joined by Sperry and the others. 

"WOW!...wo...i...i have no words for this..." Ivar said as he was still trying to phatom what just had happened. 

Ivar and Pindius were helped back up. "Time to inform Farmer Tagyer of his ghost plague" Pindius said and mentioned for the rest to follow him back out of cave and out of the Barnhouse. Out of the barnhouse... of doom. 


Just like the chapter "A Cake Worthy of A King" this chapter makes some changes to the actual Qeust it is based upon. 

- Farmer Tagyer does not explain to the group what the quest is. This is because the book mostly follows Ivar's story and Tagyer had explained it to Pindius and the group already.

- The attack of the pig was changed from location and time

- In the quest it was Cain that fell down the hole while lifting a rock as he lost his balance. Here it is Pindius falling down the hole while the group is trying to move a large cart. 

- One of the rats is thrown outside the barn. This did not happen in the quest. 

- The ending in this chapter was made up by Ivar-Jedi himself because the ending of the quest has not been played yet. 

- Two lines from Cain and Ivar were reversed