Ambodia is a spin-off of The Ambush Games, both of which were created by Potato. It takes place on a far away planet in the star wars glalaxy, but the catch is that they're not as technologically advanced on this planet as other planets in the star wars galaxy. Hyperspace travel hasn't been invented yet, they use horses instead of vehicles, and the planet is populated with Elves, Dwarves, and even menacing Goblins. This world is known as Ambodia!

Now, prepare to become an adventurer and fight for a better world!

Get StartedEdit

Want to get started? Then learn how to play on this very wiki here!

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Here is the official Ambodian Timeline! One of the most important pages on this wiki. 


Important Places Edit

The Market Place

The Three Potatoes Tavern


Several books are written depicting the adventures of several Characters in the magical world of Ambodia. Here is a list of them. Feel free to read them at any time. 

"An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale"

- "An Ambodian Adventure: World of Wonders"

Recent ActivityEdit

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