Alone In The Wilderness is the eigth chapter in "An Ambodian Adventure: A Firewing's Tale" written by Ivar Firewing.

8 - Alone In The Wilderness - Ivar reached the edge of the forest again. He took some moment to look around and then ventured in. Starting his adventure. 

Not much happened during the day. Ivar just ventured around the forest in the hopes of finding something. He did try to hunt a deer but it got away. When he got tired of walking he found a cave and decided to rest and eat for a bit. After an hour or two he ventured on. 

The afternoon was started to end and Ivar reached a small clearing within the forest. Around him were a couple of trees. Ivar looked around and tried to decide where he should go. "South? No. Maybe east?" he thought to himself. 

Then he heard a crack behind him. He turned around slowly to see what it was. At first he didn't see anything but when he slowly looked up in the tree he witnessed a horrifying sight. It was a giant spider that was watching Ivar. It slowly moved from tree top to tree top closing in on his horrified prey. 

Ivar then realised he stood still for far too long and started running. He just ran and ran, just like when he was chased down by the Goblin Riders. However this time he had no idea if the spider was chasing him or not. 

He ran for like a minute or two and then decided to take a peek behind him. There was nothing. Then he bumped into something and fell to the ground. He heard something growl in anger and when Ivar looked up he again met with the pointy end of a sword pointing between his eyes. It belonged to a Golbin. 

Ivar didn't say anything and just stared at the Goblin who just stared back and slightly growled. 

"Foolish boy. Now you've just become diner" the Goblin said as he spat a bit in Ivar's face. Then several more Golbins arrived at the scene. 

Ivar was lifted up and dragged along by two bigger Goblins. He struggled to get free but it was of no use. He was captured. 

At nightfall they reached the Goblin camp. It was dirty and filfthy just like the Goblins themselves. When the other Goblins noticed Ivar they all went up to him and started inspecting him. 

"Looks skinny on the meat" 

"It'll have to do" 

"Foolish boy" 

These were some of the many things the Goblins spat out at him. They reached the part of the camp where the cages stood and they threw Ivar in one. The cages were largely build of rope and bones. They are very small with only space to sit and nothing more. 

They locked his cage and all Ivar did was watch the Goblin feast around the large campfire they made. 

Ivar then looked at the other cages and noticed he wasn't alone. There were more captured. They seemed to have been these cages for quite some time. Maybe Goblins don't eat that much after all?

In the cage next to him there was a girl around his age all dressed in white (though most parts were ripped) and she also had white hair. 

"Psst" Ivar tried to get her attention and it worked; "My name is Ivar Firewing. What is yours?" 

"Sarry" She replied. 

"Sarry, how long have you been here? Are these beasts really gonna eat us?" 

"These beasts are Goblins. They will eat us when they get hungry. Until then they keep us in cages and destroy all our hopes and will" Sarry told Ivar while she hugged her knees to her chest. 

"Is there no way out?" Ivar lowered his expectations of a good answer. 

"Stupid question. Your welcome to find one if you can" Sarry answered a bit annoyed. 

Ivar sat back and started thinking. He looked over at a tree and saw his belongins there. His sword, shield, backpack, everything. Then he thought to himself; "Gongo's knife!" 

He took the knife out of his boot and took the safety cap off. He started cutting the ropes around his cage. Sarry and other prisoners noticed what he was doing and simply watched. They knew that any sound could give them away. 

After a minute or so Ivar had cut the rope and a one of the walls of his cage fell on the ground. Luckily it felt in soft grass and didn't make any sounds that the Goblins could hear above their own grunts and growls. 

Ivar sneaked over to Sarry and cut her cage open. He did the same with 2 others. 

He sneaked over to the tree and picked up all his belongings. The Goblins didn't see anything! 

He gestured for the rest to follow him to the darkness of the trees. He hoped they would go unnoticed but they heard a large growl behind them. It was Goblin chugging down a bottle of rum like crazy. It coughed and coughed but didn't seem to see them. 

Ivar gestured for everyone to lay down in the tall soft grass. The Goblin itself stumbled against the tree and started vomit besides it. After vomitting it just wiped its mouth with his arm and started porring in more rum and walked back to the campfire. 

Quickly Ivar and the other stood up and ran into the forest. They thought they'd made it until one of the prisoners got hit by an arrow in the back. They tried to help him back up but only then realised he died. 

When they turned around they saw all Goblins looking at them. Weapons in hand and ready to come after them. They just stood there, waiting for the right moment to charge. 

"Run" was all Ivar said. Sarry and the other prisoner looked at him. 

"RUN!" Ivar shouted again for them to understand they had no choice. When they started running the Goblins charged. Ivar deflected an arrow with his shield and then clashed with two Goblins who reached him first. His fighting skills still weren't that good but he had the side effects of alcohol to his advantage. The Goblins clearly had too much to drink and stumbled all over the place during the fight. Ivar managed to smack one in the face with his shield and stab the other one in its leg. Then Ivar ran as well. 

It didn't take him long to reach Sarry and the other guy and joined them in their run. They could hear the Goblins behind them and everytime they took a quick peek the torches were still in sight. 

"Wait!" Ivar yelled and Sarry and the prisoner looked at him. "I know this part. I've been here before" Ivar said and looked around. He then gestured to them to follow him. "There it is" Ivar said to himself when they found the cave Ivar rested in earlier. They hid in the dark cave that was barely noticeable and stayed there. Holding their breaths. 

All the Goblins came running by but none of them noticed the cave. It was only until all the Goblins had ran by them that one stopped in his tracks and started to sniff around. It seemed to smell them because it came their way. Ivar readied his sword. The Goblin came closer but then stopped and looked to its left. It walked out of view. 

The 3 humans let out a sigh of relief and smiled at eachother. Then Sarry's leg was grabbed and she pulled out of the cave. It was the Goblin that had her leg and it was about to stab her in the heart. Luckily Ivar was fast enought and cut off the Goblin's arm. It fell to the ground and screamed. Ivar then stabbed its throat to shut it up. There was alot of blood. 

Ivar extended his hand and helped Sarry up. Together with the two humans he freed Ivar went further into the wilderness to the edge of the forest. 

The next morning they reached the edge of the forest and the happiness was clear on all of them. 

"Thank you" Sarry said to Ivar. "Your covered in blood! We need to clean you up" she then added when she noticed the blood on Ivar's face and hands. 

"Well uhm...WHOA" Ivar tried to say something but was pulled to a small watering hole by Sarry who started to wash the blood off of this hands and face. "Thank you Sarry but i can do that myself" 

"It's the least i can do for our saviour" she replied and washed the last drops of blood off of Ivar's face. "There, good as new" she stood up and smiled. 

Together they walked over the Silver Plains going into the direction of Peenda City. 

"I will bring you to the city and inform the King. We know eachother and he will take good care of you" Ivar told Sarry and the other prisoner. His name was Gyll. 

They walked past a farm and suddenly there came a shout from a very familiar female voice; "Hey! Ivar!" 

Ivar knew that voice. It was Sperry! He turned around to see the Sperry, Cain, Kerk and Pindius stand infront of a large barnhouse at the farmstead they walked past by. 

"Friends of yours?" Sarry asked. 

"Yes. Yes they are" Ivar smiled and walked over to the barnhouse followed by Sarry and Gyll.