The 10 Dark Beings were dark beings that helped create Ambodia. They were sometimes considered Gods.


Originally, there were 18 all powerful beings, 9 Light Beings and 9 Dark Beings. But two of the Dark Beings had a child who soon grew up to also be a powerful being, thus allowing the Dark Beings to outnumber the Light Beings 10 to 9. In order to make the balance more in their favor, the Light Beings banished 5 of the Dark Beings down to Ambodia, where they became mortal and less powerful. The other 5 remained in the immortal realm with the other 9 Light Beings.

For the next few decades, a war between the mortal beings and 5 Dark Beings banished to Ambodia broke out. The Light and Dark Beings that still existed in the immortal realm were not allowed to interfere with the war, despite them wanting to help. After decades of war, the strength in numbers of the mortal beings was able to defeat the Dark Beings. All five Dark Beings, including their leader (Marko the Dark One), were thought to be defeated and killed. However, unknown to everyone, two Dark Beings survived and still reside in the world of Ambodia.

Now, roughly four thousand years later, the tale of The Dark Being War and the Dark Beings themselves is considered by most to be a Legend. 

List of 10 Dark BeingsEdit

Moelar the Dark One (master of the Dark Beings, remained in the immortal realm)

Visicus the Dark One (remained in the immortal realm)

Pogare the Dark One (brother to Bogare, remained in the immortal realm)

Bogare the Dark One (brother to Pogare, banished to Ambodia)

Ramgo the Dark One (brother to Hargo and Jadego, banished to Ambodia)

Hargo The Dark One (brother to Ramgo and Jadego, banished to Ambodia) 

Jadego the Dark One (brother to Ramgo and Hargo, banished to Ambodia)

Hellsin the Dark One (married to Flare, had Marko as child, remained in immortal realm)

Flare the Dark One (married Hellsin, had Marko as child, remained in immortal realm)

Marko the Dark One (child of Hellsin and Flare, banished to Ambodia